Construction Services

Over the past decade, Shenoy has developed and perfected construction project management techniques and skills. Working with various clients on simultaneous multiple task orders, our trained staff have become adept at maintaining schedules, controlling costs, managing risks and change orders, cost estimating, and contract management. We have earned the reputation of being innovative and consistently delivering projects on and before schedule. We apply lessons learned from past projects to keep improving our methods.

From developing detailed phasing plans, coordinating with other consultants, federal, state and city agencies, to working with specialty contractors, our project teams are proficient in all aspects of managing, on and off the field.

We have developed internal database-driven project management systems for streamlined information flow, tracking and reporting, much to the satisfaction of our clients. At Shenoy, we follow a stringent QA/QC program, and expect all our team members to adhere to our quality standards.